Landmark Case Studies (Energy)

Designation as a Landmark (best practice) case study through our peer selection process recognizes programs and social marketing approaches considered to be among the most successful,innovative, replicable and adaptable in the world. Nominations are screened by Tools of Change staff and the most promising ones are then rated by peer selection panels based on a standard scoring grid. Designated programs are captured in detail and presented to other social change practitioners through webinars, transcripts and video recordings of the webinars, and written case studies.

The Programs and Case Studies

Twenty three case studies have been designated by our Energy Peer Selection Panel since 2010. Our most recent ones are bolded.

  1. Bonneville Power Administration Energy Smart Industrial Program (2016)
  2. Burlington's Ice Rink Energy Competition (designated in 2013)
  3. California's Energy Conservation Competition (2020)
  4. Cape Light Compact Smart Home Energy Monitoring Pilot (designated in 2010)
  5. Class 5 Energy (designated in 2013)
  6. Energy Connect (2018)
  7. Energy Smackdown Uses Game Play to Involve Community Members (designated in 2010)
  8. Energy Star (2017)
  9. Europe's Energy Neighbourhoods (2019)
  10. Fort Collins Efficiency Works (Neighborhoods) (2017) Five Minute Summary Video
  11. Get Energized Iowa! (2015)  Five Minute Summary Video (old format)
  12. Heat Loss Images, Norm Appeals Raise Impacts in Medicine Hat (2020)
  13. LEED (2015)
  14. Ohm Connect's #OhmHour Program (2017) Five Minute Summary Video
  15. Opower Home Energy Reports (2011)
  16. Opting Out in Germany for Non-Renewable Energy (designated in 2022)
  17. Power Smart Residential Behavioural Program (2011)
  18. Queensland's ClimateSmart Home Service (2011)
  19. RE100 (2019)
  20. Reduce Your Juice (designated in 2022)
  21. Rewire Program at University of Toronto Residences (designated in 2010)
  22. Shower Feedback in Switzerland (2016)
  23. SMUD'S Home Electricity Report Program (designated in 2010)     
  24. Solarize (2021)
  25. WaterSense (2021                                   

The Panelists

These case studies were designated by our Energy Peer Selection Panel, which is made up of members from on the ground programs as well as from some of North America's most proactive utility and government organizations supporting energy management professionals. Current panelists are bolded.

  • Devin Causley, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (2011 to 2015)
  • Jon Connor, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (2013)
  • Melissa Klein, US EPA's ENERGY STAR Program (2010 to 2012)
  • Arien Korteland, BC Hydro (2010 to 2022)
  • Kathy Kuntz, Kanndo Consulting (2017 to 2022)
  • Clifford Maynes, Green Communities Canada (2010, 2011)
  • Doug McKenzie-Mohr, McKenzie-Mohr Associates (2011 to 2022)
  • Sea Rottman, Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd. (2019 to 2022)
  • Lester Sapitula, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (2020 to 2022)
  • Brian Smith, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (2014 to 2021)
  • Reuven Sussman, ACEEE (2017 to 2022)
  • Stephanie Thorson, Summerhill (2010, 2011)
  • Edward Vine, formerly of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2010 to 2015)
  • Marsha Walton, New York State Energy, Research and Development Authority (2014 to 2022)
  • Dan York, ACEEE (2010 to 2016) 


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