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 Ohm Connect

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Ohm Connect’s #OhmHour Program

Ohm Connect’s #OhmHour Program pays program participants to reduce their energy at peak times. On average, participants save100-200 kWh at peak times per year per household. While there have been a number of episodic energy efficiency programs in the past, this case study adds three innovative elements: a focus on peak demand with remarkable frequency, flexibility and precision; rich gamification features that encourage user participation; and an optional level of automation that was not available until the recent installation of smart meters and widespread availability of smart devices. Implementation requires no hardware to purchase or install. This case study was designated in 2017 and is currently under development.


  • On average, program participants saved 100-200kWh at peak times per year per household.
  • Overall impact across all program participants: 745,000 kWh per year at peak times.

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