Social Marketing Webinars, Workshops, Talks and Coaching Sessions

Cullbridge provides interactive presentations and coaching sessions covering one or more of the program planning stages, best practices and/or tools of change described on this website, illustrated using case studies from the website.

Social marketing is recognized as one of the most effective voluntary methods for promoting a wide range of desired behaviours, from composting and bicycling to proper nutrition and safe sex. Community-based social marketing offers a particularly pragmatic approach that stresses the reduction of barriers to taking the desired actions, direct contact among community members, the use of proven tools of change, and continuous program improvement.

We currently offer one format:

  • Customized Webinar-Based Presentations and Coaching  These live and interactive distance-based presentations and coaching sessions can bring a fresh yet experienced and credible perspective to your planning session, training, workshop, conference or other meeting, without blowing your budget. 

Confidential Post-Session Comments from Participants

  • "Exceptional at helping participants feel involved and engaged"
  • "This will help us be more effective with our program. Why spend time and money needlessly on activities that may backfire, have unintended consequences or just waste precious time that could be spent better?"
  • "Well organized, stayed on time and had ample opportunity for questions"
  • "Really helped us feel involved and engaged."
  • "Great understanding of the material"
  • "Great value  especially with access to Jay for three months after the webinar! We'd love to share preliminary plans & get feedback.
  • "Webinar participation was managed superbly and interaction with the audience went very smoothly- just great."
  • "Did a great job explaining concepts and examples in practice. It forced me to think about how we are using these concepts and come up with new ideas."
  • "We had really good discussions amongst those of us in the room thinking about examples from our work."
  • "Clear explanation of concepts."
  • "It felt very individualized."
  • "Well organized and dynamic."
  • "I plan to urge all my co-workers to participate in these webinars."
  • "You can learn at your own desk for a fraction of what you'd pay going to an out-of-town workshop or seminar."
  • "Absolutely well worth the 1.5hrs of time spent participating"
  • "A fabulous service to those of us working in this industry. Keep up the great work!" 

Attributed Comments from Participants

"I participated in a number of Tools of Change webinars with several of my campaign consultants, and enjoyed the format. The sessions reinforced the direction and tactics we've taken with our campaign so far and provided food for thought. It was great having my campaign consultants on the calls with me to help ensure that our team is in step on the latest thinking around community-based social marketing."

      Wendy Reed, ENERGY STAR Campaign Manager US Environmental Protection Agency

"I participated in a webinar with 10 of my graduate students, who are enrolled in an Advanced Diploma program in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management. The students had done some CBSM last term with another instructor, thus this proved to be a good review for them. They liked the format and the organization, and that they could discuss with their group and ask questions if they so wished. In our program the students quickly learn that we do not manage the environment we can only manage human behavior. The webinar will help students promote behavior changes and identify barriers to community participation that are not obvious at first glance. This is an important lesson as many work in international settings or in cultures that are unique. "

      Joy Blundon, Instructor Marine Institute St. John's, NF

"Jay is one of the finest workshop leaders I have worked with during my many years of involvement with training and capacity-building. He has a deep understanding of and passion for social marketing. He illustrates points using relevant, real world examples drawn from his rich experience and case study collection. In addition, he knows how to engage participants in a meaningful, fun and enlightening manner. His workshop opened our eyes and provided us with great tools to work with afterwards. I have since recommended it to many colleagues.

      Peggy Warren, Public Works and Government Services Canada

"The workshop was exceptional for us in a number of ways. It got team members from different parts of the country, people who hadnt met face-to-face before, talking about common issues using the same 'language', exchanging best practices, and working together more effectively afterwards. Those with a marketing background learned to apply their expertise in new ways, while those who were novices got a strong introduction. Although we received a lot of information, the course actually felt light at the same time. The bottom line? While we obviously can't attribute it to the workshop alone, our team's performance continued to increase rapidly afterwards."

      Louis Dumulon, Health Canada

Takes the concept of environmental citizenship and brings it down to earth. One of the most practical, action-oriented workshops available on the topic.

      Pat Dolan, Environment Canada