Effectiveness of Technology-Based Interventions for Smoking Cessation: An umbrella review and quality assessment of systematic reviews

URL: https://www.healthevidence.org/view-article.aspx?a=effectiveness-technology-based-interventions-smoking-cessation-umbrella-review-40664

This 2021 umbrella review included five systematic reviews with a total of 212 randomised controlled trials and 237,760 participants. Fourteen intervention approaches were identified and classified into three categories: stand-alone web-based; stand-alone mobile phone-based and multicomponent interventions. Incorporating web and/or mobile-based interventions with face-to-face approach improved the rate of smoking cessation. However, there was no consistent evidence regarding the effectiveness of stand-alone Internet or mobile-based interventions. Further research is needed to evaluate stand-alone web-based and mobile phone-based interventions.

Topics: Health Promotion, Tobacco
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: McMaster University
Date Last Updated: 2021-08-27 14:28:34

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